Social Academy

Dr. G.S.K. Social Academy

Dr G.S.K. Social Academy is initiated to explore students to address the weakness in Modern Society and equip the Young Minds with Team Spirit, Initiatives, leadership and organizing skills. Children are expected to be life-long learners and through experiential learning develop themselves as active citizens, caring and compassionate humans. At Dr. G.S.K. we encourage learners in learning beyond the walls of the classroom and sometimes even beyond the boundaries of the school, building bridges with the authentic and real world in meaningful and positive ways.

The chief Objectives of Social Academy are as follows:

  • To equip social workers with generalist knowledge, values, and skills and to prepare competent professionals for entry level social work practice with diverse systems within a global context.
  • To prepare social workers who understand our diverse culture (which values social and economic justice while also respecting and appreciating diversity).
  • Prepare students with strategies of advocacy and social change that advance social and economic justice.
  • Foster the student's social work identity including professional use of supervision and consultation, self-awareness, and an appreciation for the profession's history and values.