Principal’s desk

Success comes from taking the initiative and following up... persisting... eloquently expressing...

Dr G.S.K is an abode of living God.

I Ms. Jayanthi feel prestigious being designated as the Principal of Dr.G.S.Kalyanasundaram, one of the reputed institution of Temple Town, Kumbakonam. Since 2001 steadfast in promoting excellence in the field of Education and building the inquisitive minds to the future. Never ,Ever Stop Learning and always look for self Improvement is the wise dictum of Our munificent Chairman Shri G.K Ramamoorthy, a Great Philanthropist,Pharma Industry, a Legend and an Entrepreneur.

I have a towering strength my team of teaching and non-teaching fraternity whose tireless efforts keep them steadfast. Staunch support of the parents and students gives me tenacity to make remarkable achievements for reaching the pinnacle and being a pioneer and expeditious in the field of Education. I have been acclaimed as a Head Examiner for Chemistry , by Regional Office , CBSE for my commendable service and for half a decade this is in progression.My reflection and intention is to provide quality education for excellence.


Mrs. A.M. Jayanthi

My 3 P’s Passion for growth , Patience for success , Punctuality in work, will be a rail for the society to be in my folds. The Indelible impression the child carries with him/her is very vital that speaks about his schooling. Being an academician my travelogue with Dr GSK will be for a decade and more so. In due course of time my entire focus is to guide, nurture the young souls with value rich life along with the academics and will closely work for the innovative challenges in the field and also cater the competency skills which will be a giant leap for their success.

The ability to be innovative and creative is essential and I always enjoy being challenged and inspired by the congregation around me. I aim to enthuse and celebrate success. Besides, acknowledge every hand that backed success. The Learning experience at Dr GSK should be joyous for all. I once again thank the entire team for accepting me as your futuristic leader.