Life Skill Education

Life Skill Education

Student Life

Prepare. Inspire. Serve. Lead.We believe that life's most important lessons take place outside of the classroom. At Dr. G. S. K., students thrive as part of a vibrant community that extends well beyond the academic realm. In addition to our fine arts and athletic programs, we offer a wide array of community service, leadership, enrichment, and travel opportunities designed to help students broaden their horizons, find shared interests, take pride in their school's achievements, and grow in confidence. A variety of clubs and organizations along with our counseling and advisory programs ensure that students stay plugged in, connected, and supported.

Clubs & Organizations

Our Students groom their life skills and leadership qualities with the help of various clubs such as Social Academy, Interact Club, Language club, Math Lab, Science club, Philately Club, Dr. G. S. K. Arts Academy, Go-Green club.

Election Procedures


  • Each nominee must complete an official nomination form.
  • Eligibility to be nominated and to cosign a nomination will be validated from an authorized voter list compiled by the Election officer.
  • Nominations must be submitted within a specified period of time to be determined and publicized by the Election officer. Nominations received after this deadline will not be considered.

Campaign Guidelines

  • Prospective nominees may not campaign until the Election officer has designated them as an official nominee.
  • Nominees must stop campaigning and all campaign materials except the campaign platforms must be removed not less than ten hours prior to the opening of the election.


  • Students will elect representatives to the Board who will serve for a term of one year and may be elected to further terms.
  • The student representatives will be elected from the students at large.

Election Process

  • At the close of nominations, the Election officer will announce candidate names.
  • Candidate campaigning and the voting process will occur over a period designated by the Election officer.
  • Balloting procedures will ensure that only eligible voters cast a ballot and that anonymity is guaranteed for the voter. Voters must be part of the official voters list to cast a ballot.
  • The Election officer will be responsible for the counting of ballots and the Student Union will appoint a scrutineer to validate the election results.
  • Candidates may request a recount if the official count indicates that there is a margin of difference between the candidates of 10 votes or less.

Announcement of Results

  • The Election officer will announce the name(s) of the successful candidates. Ballot totals will be available to candidates only.
  • The candidate or candidates with the highest number of votes, within a constituency group, will be declared as the successful candidate(s).

Disqualification of a Candidate

  • The election officer or designate may disqualify any candidate who does not comply with the campaign guidelines.
  • The decision on disqualification is subject to appeal under the election appeals procedure.