EDUTAINMENT -A door for learning is fun

EDUTAINMENT -A door for learning is fun

Edutainment is important for students as it is considered as a welcome break from a routine study cycle. Dr.GSK never fails to give the students a new informal learning environment away from their classes.

The Children of Pre-Primary from Grade 1 & 2, were taken to Darasuram Temple on 17.08.2019. The trip was a lively example as it was related to the Lesson Neighborhood. It was an awesome experience for the little ones. Students enjoyed being together and blended to explore their intellectual arena. This trip proved to be a memorable and enjoyable one. The social bonding develops through these trips. The children returned to school with charming memories. The students had a chance to experience our culture.

Students of grade 6, 7 and 8 were taken to different places for edutainment on 3/8/2019 (Saturday). Students of grade 6 were taken to Aduthurai Rice Research Institute where they learnt about the steps involved in Agriculture and about the High yielding varieties of Paddy. Students of grade 7 were taken to Tanjore Big Temple and Saraswati Mahal (Museum) where they learnt about Chola's Art and Architecture. Grade 8 students were taken to LANCO Industries, Pandhanallur where they learnt how Power plants work.

This short period of Edutainment was really productive as they got access to more information in no time. Apart from basic learning, students also learnt some specific skills through edutainment. Thus edutainment was both fun and the best form of experiential learning.

Students of Grade 9 and 10 had one such rare learning experience during their visit to KALI INDUSTRY - THIRUBHUVANAM and KUMBAKONAM MUNICIPALITY WASTE MANAGEMENT AND RECYCLING CENTRE

Their visit to Kumbakonam Municipality waste management was an eye-opener for all the students to know the process of recycling the waste materials . Learning about recycling waste into bio gas complemented their knowledge of Environmental Science. Students were thrilled and excited to see the waste food materials being converted into manure . Students analysed the challenges in segregation . This in turn motivated them to make efforts to segregate waste materials into Bio degradable and Non Bio degradable.

Grade 9 Students visited steel industry of great repute.Students got great clarity about a few important management concept as they experienced how these concepts are implemented.They also learnt how to manage industrial work force. Students got a chance to build closer bonds with their classmates and enjoyed a day away from the classroom.