13th Annual Day

13 th Annual Day

The annual cultural day is a very important day for all schools. The students get a chance to display their talents in front of a big audience. The Annual Day of our school was held on 4th & 5th February, 2020 in our school premises. The evening commenced with a scintillating invocation Dance. The English Play on being with values and in the world of fantasy, historical play in Hindi, Prithviraj Chauhan, pupils enacted to project the valour of the king. Theme based dances both Western, State dance, Fusion and Folk, dances captivated the guests. The props and costumes added colour to the festive occasion with the synchronized dance movement to the foot tapping music. Students in value based English skit highlighted the morality of life and impact of social media in child’s life, an astounding visual treat enthralled every spectator present. The thematic show of talent, imagination and organization was the essence of the evening. Our students danced to the tune of songs with colourful props.

Our Chairman Shri. G.K.Ramamoorthy was given a floral welcome before he inaugurated the programme. Addressing the gathering, Our Chairman emphasized about integrated learning and being exceptionally good in co scholastic areas too. He appreciated the active participation of the students in every programme and felt astounding and contended by the spectacular show put up by the children. He stated that the students have smartly carved a niche for themselves and added that students should not only be imparted excellent education but also be given great scruple and values so they can effectively serve their nation. The inspiring words of our CEO Mr. Murali Rao to be competent in this futuristic era is very essential.

Our Principal Ms. A.M.Jayanthi added the value to the show by quoting the couplet “Learning is like our eyes” so keep learning and be focused. After the formal functions, Cultural event was diligently organized. The stage took on hues enhancing the mood of every emotion. The entire school participated wholeheartedly towards the success of this grand event. There was festive atmosphere all around and parents were visibly excited to watch their children’s performance.

Our Annual Day was a celebration of culture, art, creativity and talent. In the exuberant atmosphere, one could see the skills and talent of the young students being showcased with aplomb. The celebration proved to be a platform for the students to come together & show their inherent talents. The venue reverberated with thunderous applause; gleaming faces exchanged appreciative nods as the audience witnessed the perfection and extravaganza of the show. The ambience complimented by the mind-blowing lighting and sound which was a visual treat to the audience who left the venue spellbound.

However, everybody enjoyed cultural functions. The audience comprising students, faculty, staff, non-teaching staff etc., enjoy every item of the programme with a great fun. All the parents and other guests enjoyed the whole evening very much. It was a well-organized show. The formal function of annual day ended by vote of thanks. The exhilarating show was an unforgettable experience and left a lasting impression on the minds of everyone present. It was indeed a spectacular display of talent and fervor.