Location & Demographics

Known as a temple city, Kumbakonam is surrounded by small villages of great historical importance. The town’s status is attested by the Mahamaham festival celebrated once in 12 years, usually thronged with millions of people from all over India. The town is also native to many goldsmiths and ornament makers, and famous for sculptors with workshops located at Swamimalai, a village not far away from Kumbakonam.

Kumbakonam is located 273 km south of Chennai, 96 km east of Tiruchirappalli and about 40 km north-east of Thanjavur.

Infrastructure Facilities

Spread over a sprawling 11 acre scape at Chozhan Maligai, near Dharasuram, 4 kms from Kumbakonam, the school campus is an architectural splendour. The complex is divided into three distinct spaces viz. Kindergarten & Pre-Primary, Primary, Toppers Academy, Secondary & Senior Secondary block. Each of these modules has a computer lab, audio visual room and a library.

Fully equipped with advanced facilities each block is a school on its own. Ever heard of a Learners’ Corner? – Dr. G. S. K. has one for each class, to inculcate the learners with a penchant for reading. It is a mini library, in essence.

At Dr. G. S. K. Memorial School, laboratory experiments are routined with such smoothness that each one of them is an expression of the individual learner’s science-enthusiasms. An Integrated Lab - a Composite Lab and a German Language Lab in one, is an attribute of the Primary block.

Other than the academic blocks, a separate purpose-built complex for fine arts and other appropriately scaled activities adds a whole new dimension to the school campus.

An independent module of over 30,000 sq.ft houses a spacious master library, master computer laboratories with LCD screens and state of the art science laboratories for various disciplines - Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

Classrooms without compare: Not only roomy and well planned but also capacious and broad, the classrooms at Dr. G. S. K. Memorial School can take in any number of students. The Kindergarten, Pre-Primary, Primary, the Middle Block and the Higher Secondary section measuring over 450, 500 and 600 sq.ft respectively, give an idea of how large each classroom is.

Multi-Media Classrooms that capture the world at the press of a button are a reality at Dr. G. S. K. Memorial School where students can be ‘globally aware’ of their educational needs and research opportunities by way of subject specific digital learning.

Wired and well connected, every classroom has a ‘smart’ board to help teachers cope with changing teaching strategies, from time to time. The school has thus embraced the advantages whatever modern technology has to offer, which go hand in hand with the traditional “chalk and talk” teaching. The school thus makes an emphatic statement about its commitment to technology based learning.