German Language @ Dr. G.S.K.

The German Language is being offered at Dr.GSK School, since the year 2014 as a foreign language for all students from classes V to XI. In the beginning years of 2014 and 2015, the language was offered only to interested students who had to opt for it. From 2016 the language was integrated into the curriculum and hence offered for all students from classes V to XI. The Goethe Institut, Chennai which has its presence worldwide has been primarily responsible for providing teaching force for all schools in Tamil Nadu that are interested in offering German language to their students.

Since the introduction of German language at Dr.GSK school, the students have been participating in various competitions organized by the Goethe Institut, Chennai throughout the year. Apart from the language curriculum that presents itself through textbooks, our students are also trained every year to appear for the language certification programme FIT 1, for which the Goethe Insitut, Chennai sends its own examiners for assessment of different skills as prescribed by the Common European framework of reference for languages. The very first FIT 1 exam was conducted in 2016 in which about 80 students took part. In 2017 there were about 50 students who wrote the exam.

To encourage students who come up with outstanding performances, scholarships are provided to them to attend language courses in Germany. A former student of our school Master Sri Manikandan who performed very well in the FIT examination in the year 2016 attended a 3 week language course in Germany. In the FIT 1 examination conducted the following year Master Bharathram Giridharan was awarded a language scholarship and visited Germany during July 2018.

Students also participate in several youth camps all over India specifically meant for them get a deeper understanding of the German language and culture. In the year 2018 alone, selected few students from our school participated in 3 different youth camps held at Kodaikanal, Pune and Sri Rangapatna respectively where they are engaged in language classes and activities over a period of one week.

Even the then teachers of our school were given language scholarships to visit Germany in the year 2016 and 2017. Based on certain parameters such as how well a school is interested to promote German language, the Goethe Institut recognizes certain schools as Partner School for the future (PASCH) in order to assist the school in making the learning experience for children a lot more effective. Our school was granted the PASCH status in the year 2017.