Extra Curriculum

Extra Curriculum

Cambridge Assessment English, 3D-Printing, SIP Academy, ELF, NIIT (N Guru) & SAPA


There’s no denying the growing need for students of all ages to embrace 3D printing in the classroom. The importance of understanding technology and how the ecosystem operates, as well as hands-on education, cannot be overstated. The benefits of incorporating 3D printing in curriculums are well-documented and have been spreading throughout the education system. This includes new learning possibilities, positive engagement, innovative and creative learning environments, critical thinking, and problem-solving opportunities. 3D printing classes have transformed students’ learning experience and inspired them to create original applications of this technology. This is a positive momentum giving the students the right direction.

SIP Academy:-

Vision Statement:

We exist to make a difference nationally in a sustainable manner, by creating and distributing world class programmes that significantly impact children’s mental potential.


We create the above culture by enriching customers, channel partners, and employees by continuously training, assessing & implementing feedback.


We are passionate about doing every activity with the child in the mind, building relationships with all concerned, giving due recognition, taking responsibility, learning and sharing continuously.

Quality Policy:

We are committed to achieving our mission by implementing quality systems in all areas and to continually improve them through regular feedback from channel partners and other stakeholders.