Doctor Volunteers

From delivering Health awareness lectures to educating the students on sanitation and cleanliness, to keeping abreast of the latest advancements in medical technology, giving students updates on trends in vaccination methods, many of the parents of our students contribute immensely in order that our students perform and excel in various sporting events. They also help in maintaining fitness and giving valuable advice to the young sports persons to stay fit. Such Doctor Volunteers continue to extend their support to our school for a noble cause.

List of Doctor Volunteers:

  • Dr. R Swaminathan (Dr.G.S.Kalyanasundaram Medical Centre)
  • Dr. Anandakumar (Dr.G.S.Kalyanasundaram Medical Centre)
  • Dr. Radhai (Dr.G.S.Kalyanasundaram Medical Centre)
  • Dr. Kannan G
  • Dr. Manly J
  • Dr. Sujatha Manly
  • Dr. Saravanan S
  • Dr. Arun Kumar T
  • Dr. Krithika M
  • Dr. Muthaih Selvakumar
  • Dr. Suganthi
  • Dr. Srinivasan B
  • Dr. Thenkuzhali
  • Dr. Lavanya
  • Dr. Prakash
  • Dr. Mahalingam
  • Dr. Sivakumar K
  • Dr. Lakshmi B
  • Dr. Viumala
  • Dr. Ravichandran A
  • Dr. Kalarani
  • Dr. Kamarul Jaman
  • Dr. Vijay Ramaih N
  • Dr. Jayalakshmi S
  • Dr. Kalai Selvi
  • Dr. Muruganandam
  • Dr. Hemalatha
  • Dr. Sathish kumar N
  • Dr. Revathi D
  • Dr. Indhumathi
  • Dr. Manjula R
  • Dr. Balarajaa
  • Dr. Anand Kumar
  • Dr. Rajappan
  • Dr. Srinivasan