The school offers an ambiance amenable to the preservation and revival of Indian culture, offering world - class education, taking the hopes, dreams and needs of the student community into serious consideration. The curriculum combines a multitude of modern and contemporary courses to provide optimal educational experience.


At a stage when the scope for rapid and extensive brain development is maximum, it becomes necessary that the curriculum followed answers their needs. The Curriculum offered at our school enables the children to develop competencies related to learning that stay with them forever.


When children would have developed an ability to express themselves and experiment with media and materials, their school curriculum should suit the purpose. Therefore, to aid them in expanding upon their creativity, our school curriculum provides the students with the best platform to observe and explore, making learning an enjoyable activity.

Middle & High

We nurture your child’s academic, social, physical and emotional growth during what is typically the most fascinating years - 10 to 14, of one's school life. During this stage of development, your child will experience the onset of puberty, pre-adolescence, changes in brain chemistry and huge spurts of physical growth and maturation. This phase of tremendous growth affords boundless opportunities to your child for self-discovery. We facilitate this growth by assisting them to become stronger self-advocates, doers and thinkers. Students are exposed not only to the core academic subjects but also music, art, technology and physical education.

Senior Secondary

The Senior Secondary school is set up to accomplish our school's mission: “To prepare each of its students for college and for life in a global environment”. In accordance with CBSE curriculum, we provide students a challenging and well-rounded education while encouraging the pursuit of individual special interests and prepare them for college and university.

Shiksha & Enrichment

Who says learning has to end at four pm?

We don't think learning should end with the school working hours. Through our Shiksha and Enrichment Programs, we offer a wide variety of after-school activities and classes that allow students to build their skill and pursue their passions in academics, athletics, fine arts, and other areas of interest. Led by an experienced team of educators, coaches, and professional artists, our extended day activities inspire, challenge, and entertain all afternoon in a safe and controlled environment.