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At Primary School our students learn how to learn. We provide our students with a core of essential learning where they develop the capacity to research, think and communicate their ideas in multi modal ways. From their very first day at School students see themselves as high achievers. They are authors, readers, mathematicians and inquirers. The explicit teaching model of instruction at Dr. G.S.K. School is underpinned by the latest educational research. Key concepts and skills are explicitly taught and revised on a daily basis.

To be a successful reader a student must be able to both confidently decode and understand a text. At our School the teaching of reading comprehension strategies go hand-in- hand with teaching decoding skills. Effective comprehension strategies are explicitly taught from the very first day at school. Students are taught the art of writing - writing using both the conventional and the modern methods. Teaching Mathematics is based on providing concrete experiences that enable students to manipulate a range of materials. Our teachers deliver learning through the gradual release of responsibility lesson structure. In addition our students are tutored in Music, Visual Arts and Physical Education.

At Dr. G.S.K., high expectations are set for student learning, both in classrooms and other learning contexts. Our teachers work collaboratively to support diverse abilities and interests of students.

Students are challenged and given opportunities to apply their learning in different contexts. Students who require additional time and support are assisted by a team of teachers.

The world in which we live ‘Inquiry' enables students to undertake learning that involves content from a range of disciplines. The learning commences with a real world problem that fosters inquiry and embodies key concepts such as change or the environment. Students engage in inquiry based learning where they identify questions, conduct purposeful investigations before communicating, reflecting and acting upon their newly acquired understandings.