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Welcome to the pre-primary, where we sustain the advancement of every kid inwardly, scholastically, physically, socially and imaginatively every day. It is only during these developmental years, that kids fabricate a solid establishment of essential aptitudes, a profound feeling of self and a capacity to add to a gathering while at the same time profiting from their natural interest about their general surroundings. Within a challenging curriculum, children are encouraged to take risks and allowed to make mistakes in a supportive environment, in the care of committed instructors. Our ultimate objective is to ingrain thoughtfulness, and the energy required for learning, in all of our children, so that they leave the pre-primary brimming with confidence and loads of expectation.

Dr. G.S.K. is affiliated with C.B.S.E. Albeit numerous kids follow a general pattern of advancement, all are interesting unto themselves. We endeavour to meet kids where they are and propel them.

Our students benefit from art, music, physical education classes. Our student body is a kaleidoscope of ethnicity, religion and language.

We believe that leadership opportunities are essential in child development. There is an element of risk inherent in leadership. These opportunities include leading the Pre-primary School assemblies, working in groups during project time and other in-class activities.